I am Delaney Shiono, the founder of PMAC.  I am a graduate of St. Edward's University with a BA in Communication.  I am very interested in sharing what I love with others - in-person and online, and upon graduating, hope to work with an organization that allows me to showcase my inner creativity. Currently I am employed at UnaliWear as a technician.  I also work with The Soul Institute for Quantum Living (Adora Winquist). Although I am no longer on the PMAC leadership team, I am still very devoted to its mission. 



Mitchell is an experienced leader in community arts, wellness, education, and job skills training, with a passion for serving individuals with autism and other neurodiversities. Mitchell helped launch Greenleaf NCC in August 2019, after serving as Director of Out-of-School Programs for Creative Action, where he was instrumental in helping to expand the organization’s reach to nearly 20,000 youth a year and instituting training and program delivery changes to make programs more inclusive for students with special needs. Mitchell is also an accomplished multi-disciplinary teaching artist, with over 17 years of experience in youth development and education. Mitchell is a Certified Autism Specialist, Certified Job Skills Trainer, and he has over 10 years of experience working directly with individuals with disabilities and their families.  Mitchell studied film/digital media at Ohio University and music education at Otterbein University.  He holds a master’s degree in education from Naropa University, where he also developed skills as a mindfulness and wellness educator. 


As the Workforce Coordinator, Amiee creates and facilitates pre-employment training programs for young adults designed to help with the navigation of the employment journey. Amiee also collaborates with the programs coordinator for the creation and launch of autism-friendly business initiatives to improve inclusive and equitable customer service and hiring practices at the organization level. Her Master's degree is in special education, which she has applied through 7 years in public secondary schools supervising a program designed for students on the autism spectrum. She has also served as an 18+ program lead, and a campus-based vocational adjustment coordinator. Before going into education, she worked in community mental health as a mobile crisis outreach specialist, a behavioral health case manager, and a crisis hotline QMHP. 


Bĕnny is a native Austinite. He is on the PMAC Communications Team and he was recently added to the board of directors of the Autism Society of Texas. Bĕnny also volunteers with other local organizations, and he has 20+ years of professional experience in providing customer service and technical support. In his leisure time, Bĕnny enjoys helping other people, learning, watching movies and series, reading, singing, playing the piano, writing song lyrics and poetry, and engaging in other forms of social creativity like playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Larissa actively shares her expertise in autism and neurodivergencies as the primary facilitator of AANSG as well as an extensive history of consulting and providing expert advice for professionals. Larissa is also an avid public speaker and has been a panelist as a self-advocate for multiple organizations. Larissa creates educational materials about autism, including workplace inclusivity that have been recommended and utilized by professionals, including Autism Society of America for their upcoming inclusive employment initiative. She co-develops and co-collaborates neurodivergent programming for multiple organizations like Autism Society of Texas, Austin Community College’s ACCess Autism, and Greenleaf Neurodiversity Community Center. 


I am a current ACC student, I am the president of the ACCess Autism at Austin Community College, and I am studying to be an animator and graphic game designer. I am also an ACC GROW associate working on the first neurodiversity virtual reality program. I am I am always here to help when needed.


Samantha has 15+ years of experience working with autistic persons and currently does so at Austin Community College (ACC) through the Student Engagement and Outcomes department.  Samantha's role at ACC is to help bridge the employment gap for autistic persons through employer training, and one on one student coaching.  Samantha is also the advisor for the ACC student-led organization ACCess Autism, an organization run by and for autistic persons building on friendship, leadership, social cognition, communication, and collaboration skills.


Amanda has more than 10 years of experience working in fine arts and with students with autism. Amanda joined the Greenleaf NCC team as a full-time staff member in the summer of 2021 but has been dedicating her time and talent to the Social Creativity program since its inception. Amanda has supported curriculum development and program activities at Creative Action, ZACH, and Joshua’s Stage, and she has an amazing track record for bringing creativity and energy to all she does. Amanda earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from Syracuse University and a Master of Fine Arts in Performance and Pedagogy from Texas Tech where she also led activities to help build life and social skills for students at the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research through her role as a teaching artist and company member of the BurkTech Players. Amanda is also a Certified Autism Specialist and Certified Job Skills Trainer.


An aspiring journalist, short story writer, and opera singer, Aaron Moeller is passionate about spreading awareness of the disenfranchisement of autistic and neurodivergent communities and aims to thrust representation in a highly polarized society. Aaron is the Vice President of ACCess Autism, Austin Community College's neurodivergent-friendly student-led organization. Aaron creates and develops journalistic columns for the university newspaper to guide and give resources to neurodivergent students navigating college. Aaron is Hispanic, gay, and neurodivergent. He has championed equal rights for neurodivergent and disabled persons for over seven years working as a direct support professional, helping people with intellectual disabilities achieve their goals. Aaron has an Associate of Arts in General Studies and is pursuing another degree in vocalization with a specialization in opera singing.



Jordan's role at the Autism Society of Texas is assisting with the design and facilitation of the organization’s adult social groups and pre-employment program. Seeking to bridge his interests in successful inclusion practices, pedagogy, and musical healing, he recently obtained an M.M. in Music and Human Learning from the University of Texas at Austin. He has previously served diverse populations facilitating vocational, recreational, and therapeutic programs in healthcare and educational settings. Both his professional and creative pursuits are informed by his passions for education, cross-disability advocacy, and the arts. 


Iva Millsap was the former president of ACCess Autism which is a student-led organization at ACC created by and for students on the autism spectrum.  ACCess Autism offers opportunities for students and alumni to further grow in their social cognition skills, leadership skills, and socialization with peers.  Iva graduated with her Associate degree in Creative Writing in 2022, and is now a student at Texas Tech University.  


Dana Sayre (they/them) is an artist, scholar-activist, and community organizer. They have over fifteen years of lived experience being in community with other marginalized individuals. Dana operates a drama therapy private practice. They also partner with organizations such as Thriving Autistic, Chronically Queer - Austin, Autism Society of Texas, and the Greenleaf Neurodiversity Community Center. They participated in the 2021-2022 cohort of the ACT LEND program via UT Austin as a self-advocate. Dana is also the 2021-2023 Chair of the Cultural Humility, Equity, and Diversity Committee of the North American Drama Therapy Association